Drink milk for calcium and walnuts for brain. There are many "health tips" like this! But in fact, unimportant ingredients may be more nutritious. The effect is better than eating only milk and walnuts~ Do you often eat at home?A handful of sesame seeds and beans can supplement calcium more than milk.Calcium supplementation is a common topic. From the age of 35 to 40, calcium in the human body begins to lose. It doesn't make any difference at first, but once knee pain, joint pain, fracture, etc. When it happens, osteoporosis may have become very serious, and then pay attention to calcium supplement, and the effect is greatly reduced!Therefore, people of all ages should pay attention to dietary calcium supplement, and calcium supplement can be considered after the age of 35.When it comes to dietary calcium, many people's first reaction is to drink more milk. Milk does contain calcium and is easily absorbed. It usually contains about 100 mg of calcium per 100 grams. But in fact, there are many foods with higher calcium content than milk. You might as well eat more at ordinary times.

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