p>We've all heard that felines are the cutest, the most funny and hilarious animals ever However, did you know, that in the past, in Egypt they were believed to be associated with the goddesses Isis and Ba'at and were frequently illustrated in various ways and even mummified? Also, later in the Middle Ages, cats were executed in mass, since they were believed to were believed to be witches? The feline genocide was halted by Hyvel Dda the king of medieval times from Wales who declared it unlawful to kill or injure cats.</p><p>With our own and cat's past overlapping naturally, that our feline companions have been able to find many symbols that have meanings to them. A cat that is black could be considered to be a signification of poor luck. Cats, however, are symbols for independence, intelligence, rebellion and intelligence. A tattoo of a cat is a great choice if you're seeking a distinctive design for your body. It's a great representation of many desirable qualities.</p><p>A cat isn't just a pet. Since the beginning, it's been a symbol for grace and confidence. In the past, in Egypt they had cat goddesses, and even mummified them similar to humans. Egyptians revered felines with the highest esteem, and killing one, even by accident, often resulted in death penalties.</p><p>Cats have been used as symbols throughout history. They were called "mau" in the ancient times of Egypt and were often depicted as art or mummified. They were associated with cleanliness, lust and deviousness in Greek times.</p><p>Modern cats are usually associated with independence , and are symbols of rebellion. For instance, South Korean law dictates that tattoos can only be carried out by doctors. In response, tattoo enthusiasts have begun to apply cat tattoos as a way of protest.</p><p>Cats are commonly thought to be the "lesser" of dogs. This is due to the fact that we gender whole species - cats and dogs are both girls, but it's about time we realize that cats are anarchist savants living their lives in the open, doing what they like, and showing humans how to behave. Keep in mind that everybody wants be a cat.</p><p>Our fascination for millennia-long with felines seems to have less to do with their potential for companionship, or even usefulness in the same way as dogs, but from their otherworldly cool and almost ethereal qualities. Cats are gods. They are gods. https://ploug-george-2.blogbright.net/catattoo43636 and enchantment captivates us, even if they're only crossing the fence of the garden to smack the neighbor cat. We imagine they've travelled further and seen sights we ordinary humans could not even dream of. Night-time creatures are law for themselves. We've let them to believe we have domesticated them. We are theirs and not the reverse.</p><p>Famous cat-owners (owner is not a word which is used lightly) include Georgia O'Keefe , as well as Henri Matisse. Their artistic authenticity is documented. Picasso was a dog lover and we can ignore him at the moment.</p><p>Cat tattoos are an opportunity for us to show our humility, to acknowledge that we are a lesser being, a mere bipedal human who squawk at the feet of these feline deities - or perhaps you are just a fan of cats. Perhaps you have a pet cat, a tabby cat or a moggy who purrs when you rub his ears. Maybe, and https://blogfreely.net/sushiswiss7/catattoo346 is an absolutely valid reason, you simply love the look of cats - because they're class. Simple as that.</p><p>Below, you will find diverse tattoo designs for our beloved pets. From delicate small tattoos to simple https://www.openlearning.com/u/mckinneyjespersen-r1n5xg/blog/Catattoo325520 s, to realistic drawing ideas We've tried to incorporate as many options as we could find for every cat out there.</p><img width="438" src="cat tattoos">

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