The movie, The A Writers Odyssey, is inspired by the life of William Shakespeare. It chronicles the tragic fall and rise of one of the most adored careers in the field of playwriting. Jonathan Groff is the director and screenwriter for the story. If you are a fan of dramas this film is sure to entertain.The plot of the film starts in 1569 and follows the rise of Shakespeare, the famous playwright. His life is full of drama and turmoil. The people around him believe that his mind is in turmoil. But what is Shakespeare really doing? And is there anything we can learn from his work?<iframe src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>This dark comedy introduces us to the world of theater. Jonathan Groff plays Shakespeare, the talented but troubled playwright. He strives to produce an original work, but he always fails. Marlow is his best friend and actor, is currently working with Mercutio as his former teacher.As much as the plot seems confusing, it's clear when you look at the characters and the motives behind them. Jonathan Groff's character resembles a son to Shakespeare who is trying to be a good son to his father's standards. He believes that his writing is superior to the work he's doing. Jonathan investigates the disappearance of a play which he wrote. In the process, he realizes he is in love with an individual who does not have the same vision as him. Both characters fall in love once they are convinced by him to give it a shot.However, all the problems do not help the newlyweds. Their first child is prematurely born and they spend many hours alone raising the child. In the process, they become depressed and, in their despair they fail to recognize the need to make changes in their lives. After several months their marriage deteriorates. They spend the next eight decades rebuilding their marriage, but then find themselves in a new dispute with their soon-to be ex-wife.It is this devastation that prompts the couple to travel to Rome, where they meet a successful and wealthy Roman known as Orestez. He was a slave and was able to escape from his master to make a living writing plays. Jonathan and Orestez travel to Venice to meet like-minded people. They share their experiences, and learn that each person's desires are different. One of them realizes that he would like to write plays while the other one is determined to be a cook. This leads them to meet Antonio Brado, who is a renowned conductor and they become lovers.A large portion of the film is focused on the characters meeting and falling in love, which is one aspect that movies rarely do. The characters share their pasts as well as their hopes, dreams, and views. Interviews with famous people are included. The movie is set in Manhattan's grand apartment building. The language is rich and refined. The story, dialogue, and acting is well done and the movie runs just as smoothly as any of Brado's films.The book was so boring that I wanted to stop reading at one point. The plot line was predictable and the descriptions of the characters were boring and the events all in the wrong place. After having read the first chapters, it was still fascinating to read the remaining chapters of the novel. I like the way Brado injects comedy into his work. Even though the book wasn't my favorite, I enjoyed reading it.

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