Hi, let me introduce myself. Tanisha My name is Tanisha. I am a divorcee who recently got married. It was a difficult separation for me. Although it isn't an extensive story, it was extremely difficult. I had a reunion with my husband at night, but discovered him with a different woman. This is true. My husband, who I love dearly for 12 years has been looking for females' happiness, and then turned his back. I've considered it for a while and decided to let it go, because you're not able to stay in a permanent anger stage isn't it? I tried many ways. I went out drinking with friends as well as painted and drank with my friends and then went out shopping. Then I went to a restaurant, bar, or nightclub. This cycle of self-deprecation was never-ending. However I was able to stop hating me and start hating my ex husband. https://zenwriting.net/shirtquiet27/your-life-will-be-so-much-more-exciting-and-youll-be-amazed-at-where-it-will In all honesty, it was his fault. He destroyed my quite a smooth and idillic life, full of everyday joys and late night tea-party celebrations. We didn't have children, and her decision to take our dog and leave him was unwise. So I tried to find a way to take revenge on her. After a few weeks of sifting through fake accounts on social media, I found a way. It's really useful. There are a variety of ways to spy on your ex-partner on social media. You can also change your username and click the"friend" buttons. They will accept because it's very rare for someone to reject the attractive woman who is trying to make friends.I started to see his enthusiasm for music after a short time. He started making reactions to various types of rap songs. He said that this was his new career. He did manage to get some Youtube subscribers, but he got too involved in his dreams. Years passed and not much else worked except the odd reaction videos. Although he'd sometimes be screaming, laughing, and even rolling around on the ground, it's essentially nothing more than a useless rant on a further unproductive tirade. I have no words to describe what he's doing. I've come across two amazing ways to get in on the new enthusiasm of his.In the beginning, I started to report the YouTube? channel's footage to copyright issues. It was stated that he is using legitimate content and tracks of artists to record shallow and uninteresting responses and publish them. Youtube took down 12 videos from him. This is a good start. Move on to Facebook. He has copied the videos from Youtube. Then I'm going to claim that this video is mine. Facebook blocks his account for two weeks. Nice, I will tell you this! Twitter finally was able to get it right! But regardless of what I said on Twitter, they wouldn't listen and did nothing to correct his sloppy videos. But I've had a total of 34 videos taken down...I then took the videos that they had taken down and uploaded them to my account. Here's what's tricky. Facebook doesn't care that my name is on the video. It was hilarious, and videos managed to remain up for over four months prior to being taken down. I still have about twelve of the videos that weren't edited and reshared. However, it was hilarious and took nearly 4 months to be taken down.<img width="328" src="keepvid">

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