The relevant Of Zikir In Our growth. Truly one of the simple acts of worship that simultaneously has insurmountable amount of bounty and privilege in this world and the next is the remembrance of Allah. Allah being the All-Knowing of the seen and unseen suggested that the state of His remembrance is a outstanding act than anything the person may be accomplishment.Zikir meaning “Remembrance” is the religious performance in Islam in which short Duas and prayers are performed repeatedly to recall Allah (SWT). Zikir is a precise powerful and modest way to respect Allah (SWT) when we have a lack of time, which carries many benefits and righteousness . Allah Almighty deliver in Holy Quran: “O you who believe! Remember Allah with much remembrance” (Quran 33:41).Allah (SWT) has manufactured Islam so obvious for the devotee that even the shortest Surahs and phrases can receive the greatest bonus. For example, the premium of reciting ‘Alhamdulillah’ is that it will satiety the scales on the Day of Judgment with good deeds. As zikir is so clear and carries great profit, this is a form of worship that we should follow to build up in our regular lives.If someone wants equanimity and love of heart he could score it in the remembrance of Allah (SWT). In Holy Quran Allah Almighty repeat : “Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest” (Quran, 13:28). In the zikir and remembrance of Allah (SWT) the love of a Muslim find well-being on the side of Allah, become serene when He is remembered and pleased to obtain Him as his Protector and Supporter and assuredly, He (SWT) is exquisite of it that is zikir.Effects of ZikirAllah? (SWT) demand us to bethink Him in every footing no matter its jubilant or pessimistic situation as much we likely can. There is the big reason to have loved to relive Allah (SWT) for His sake unattended. By extolling and bless Allah (SWT) we are exhibition our recognition to Him and recognizing His integrity . We are accepting that we have no skill without Him, as He has influence over all things. Once we have actually understood this we can follow that we are not for real in control of our lives, and it is solely with the benefit and will of Allah (SWT) that we can achieve things in our lives.Make a usage to do zikir usually in your day you will asset that you feel more connected to Allah (SWT), which is a strong feeling. The act of zikir focal point your mind regularly towards Allah Almighty. It also has an fast calming sensitivity over your imagination and body, and take out pessimistic thinking from your mind. The also you practice zikir the further you will want to do it. Admittedly Snowballing the amount of zikir you do in your day will have a expensive impact on other areas of your activity. By the very essence of invariably being linked to your Creator your faith will usually increase, and this will prompt you to carry out other ways of life advised by the Quran and Sunnah. As zikir focuses your mind merely on Allah, you will also start to guess of what else you can do to truly please Allah on a daily basis, thus modifying sincerity in worship.Benefits of zikirOne can get Allah (SWT) in his heart and by his tongue but remembering Him both in heart and by tongue directly , is the best way of His remembrance. This remembrance (zikir) should be with avail intention and for the behalf of Allah (SWT). There are many perquisite of remembering Allah (SWT) which is the huge act of worship. Some of them are listed below : Remembering Allah (SWT) drive out the Shaytaan by removing his buzzing from the heart of Muslim. If someone wants Allah’s achievement then do zikir of Allah (SWT). In remembrance of Allah His comfort lies. In remembrance of Allah (SWT) one can asset easiness in achieving daily subsistence . It brings decorum, deference and excellence to the soul of a Muslim. Allah (SWT) remembers those who remember Him. As He mention in Holy Quran: “Therefore remember Me (by praying, glorifying, etc.). I will remember you,” (Quran, 2:152).Remembrance of Allah (SWT) details the passion of Allah which is the spirit of Islam and the prominent ethics of the religion, the basic of gladness and reprieve . Zikir of Allah Almighty cut out the bug and heartbreak from one’s heart. Those who remember Allah (SWT) the feelings of peace hush and hopefulness will penetrate on their heart. In short, remembering Allah (SWT) is one of the honest acts of worship through which one can achieve stillness , tranquillity and peace of mind and heart. May Allah gives us the vigor to do zikir regularly and can take Allah Almighty invocation . Zikir is a form prescribed in Islam. The command to perform Zikir is found in myriad verses of the Qur’an and also the hadith of the Prophet s.a.w. It is a form that is guided to be multiplied without any hurdle and attachment to certain surrounding to be practiced as other happenings of worship such as prayer, fasting and so on. is the key and the direct link enclosed by the servant and his Lord. Every follower who remembers Allah will definitely be remembered by Him.It turns out that the form of Zikir is not just an deed of worship, but also a system that can sanitize and deterge the human soul, draw closer to its architect , susceptible the spiritual hijab and subsequently realize ma`rifat towards Him. Zikir is a very having lead in pencil practice and plays a big role in the formation of a Muslim selfdom . A commonwealth personality is only built and formed with the structure of the heart which is a container of hope and religiosity . Therefore, in order to build a gain Muslim personality, cleansing and purification of the heart fundamental be given focus and priority as can be seen in the hadith.Doing Zikir in a state of default is exceptional than not doing Zikir at all. Said Sheikh Ibn Ataillah al-Iskandari Rahimahullah: “Do not leave zikir just because you are afraid to present your heart with Allah during zikir, because neglecting to do zikir is more dangerous than neglecting to do zikir. Hopefully (for that reason) Allah will raise your rank from negligent remembrance to conscious remembrance ”. Refer to Syarah Hikam al-Ataiyyah p. 55For example, a person who recites the word tayyibah (لا إله إلا الله) 100 times. If his heart prepare by default, perhaps only on the 89th time, God casts consciousness and the heart is present. This is better than not reciting zikir at all. Originally, a person who recites zikir is still satisfied even if he does not know its value , but it is better and leaves an impact on the heart, if we can study the meaning and appreciate it.The advantage of Zikr during RamadanIn? this blessed month, all deeds are repeated by Allah, so how excellent it is for us to fill the days of Ramadan with Zikir. So the principle of remembrance is to maintain or say Asmaul Husna (the names of Allah) or thoyyibah sentences so that we can eternally remember Allah. Remembrance can be done orally or in the heart. Allah also said, which means, "… Men and women who mention (the name of) Allâh, Allah has prepared for them forgiveness and a great reward." (QS Al-Ahzâb [33]: 35). Here are some of the virtues of Zikir:1. The heart becomes serene and steady.In commonplace life especially in the month of Ramadan everyone needs inner unity , cleanliness of heart and to get inner peace is not impossible. God teaches us the real step to get immaculacy of mind, namely by remembrance. Remember, with remembrance. Remembering Allah the heart will be at immaculateness , as what Allah says in the Qur'an which means, “(That is) those who believe and their hearts become at peace with the remembrance of Allah. Remember, it is only by remembering Allah that the heart becomes at peace. ” (QS Ar-Raad [13]: 28). Remember only by remembering God the heart will be at purity and conversely, when we seldom remember God, the heart will be arid and arid.2. Extract sins.Ramadan is a month full of maghfiroh and forgiveness , so Muslims can take influence of the time and opportunity to recite Zikir and ask for the forgiveness of Allah SWT.3. Cast out Satan.Allah SAW said, “And if the devil bothers you with a disturbance, then seek refuge in Allah. Surely He is the All -Hearing, the All -Knowing. " (QS Fushilat [41]: 36)

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