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angry asian guy, you should transform your bitterness and anger in an asset. There are many people who love a good rant including females.

Elevate your rage and ranting to an art form. Don't listen to who say "curb your negativity". Give free expression to your negativity but make sure it is entertaining to other and you will be set in my opinion.

In real life rant a lot about being hated by girls but be sure to make it extremely funny. You may find a hot enough girl who would fuck you because she finds you funny.

But don't be too self-deprecating, be sure to be aggressive to others in your rants.

September 10, 2010 5:27:00 AM EST
spinaroonie said...
Angry Asian virgin - channel all that rage and frustration towards HITTING THE GYM. You may be FUGLY and scare your neighbours kids, but girls will give you a pass if your body is built like an Adonis. Think Mike "The Situation" - ugly as shit facially, but jacked. Gets laid.

Weightlifting is a good relief for depression.

Compensate for your ugliness with a ripped body. If you're woefully out of shape, vook 50 sessions with an EXPERIENCED personal trainer. He will get your ass in gear. Don't come back here until you've packed on 30lbs of

September 10, 2010 7:24:00 AM EST

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