What New Managers Should Know About Their New Team

I was at a conference recently, where the CEO of a large UK Corporate stated only 3% of the company's staff was talented. That implied 97% were not. Poppycock!

My view is that all individuals are talented and it is the managers job to work with them to reveal their talents and decide how best to use them.

Finding Their Talents

So how do you find their talents if they are not evident from their performance?

Just start with an honest conversation. It maybe they are in the wrong role and not using their natural skills and talents, or it maybe they have just lost their confidence.

So, how are you going to approach the conversation session?

You need to understand the context of the session. Why are you having the session? What are the benefits from it and what is the outcome that you would like to see from the session?

The session itself must be a two-way conversation. You need great questions to hand, you need to be actively listening and you need to discuss any actions you both agree on with timescales.

So what questions could you ask?

At work, what do you really look forward to?

What topic or tasks whilst at work do you loose all track of time doing?

What activities do you learn quickly?

What would you like to do more of?

Questions like these will enable you to see what motivates the individual. You should see their passion. Read their body language.

Re-clarify what the individual is saying so you can confirm their likings. Their likings will identify strengths, skills and talents.

Now how are you both going to get the individual to use their talents?

Working for you?

Working for someone else in another part of the organisation?

Working on a special project?

You both need to agree on the actions, support required and timescales.

Allow the conversation to sink-in and book a follow-up meeting for a few days time, thus allowing the individual to reflect upon it.

Great managers find each individuals' talents and then find ways to use them both for the individuals' and company's benefit.

3%!! I wonder how the morale and performance of the whole workforce was, when they heard what the CEO said.

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