Dear Bitter Single Guy: My girlfriend gets upset quite easily. When she is upset (not necessarily with me), nothing I do or say makes her feel better. In fact, I usually make it worse and then she ends up upset with me. I’ve tried simply listening and prompting her for how she feels about her issues and where she thinks it is going and how she feels about that. No good. I get accused of “Dr Phil-ing her”. Fine. Is silence the key? If you have any advice, I’d really appreciate it. – Just Want to Help

Dear JWH: The Bitter Single Guy loves that Dr. Phil is now a verb! Verbing is one of the BSG’s favorite past times actually and he looks forward to the day that he himself is a verb! What would it be like to “BSG” someone? Something to ponder, surely.

JWH, the BSG doesn’t know how old you or your girlfriend are, but he sincerely hopes that you’re both in your early teens, because the behavior you describe is like, SO childish, OK?

The BSG doesn’t recommend silence because that’s passive aggressive crap and if your girlfriend is anything like the BSG, passive aggressiveness will result in her attacking you physically and nobody wants that. Instead, the BSG thinks this is a job for his alter ego: Boundary Boy (!). Boundary Boy recommends telling her that you’re truly sorry that she’s upset and you hope it works out for her. She’ll be shocked and dismayed, but stand firm. If you get caught in this trap, it could mean a lifetime of being a pathetic doormat and again; nobody wants that.

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