Mold is a fungus parasitizing in a humid environment, the spores of which, in addition to the unpleasant odor of dampness, can also cause allergies, asthma and suffocation attacks, as well as headaches and coughs.

Usually, the appearance of this fungus is accompanied by high humidity in an apartment or house, and faulty ventilation and insufficient cleaning in the bathroom and kitchen contribute to the spread of spores along the walls and corners in every room.

To understand how to deal with this unpleasant problem and how to prevent its occurrence, you must first understand which surfaces are most likely to develop mold, and under what conditions.


Where there is high humidity and dampness, mold will also appear, since it is these conditions that are considered its “favorite” conditions for reproduction. Bathroom and kitchen, as well as window slopes are the most common places for fungus to appear. The main reasons for its occurrence are:

finding an apartment on the first floor of a building with an old or unkempt basement;

recent flooding of an apartment, flooding or flooding by neighbors from above;

faulty water pipes or ventilation ducts, on which condensate collects and settles;

poor air circulation in the apartment in conditions of already high humidity.

All these factors, both individually and in combination, lead to the fact that walls, corners, ceilings, slopes or tiles are covered with characteristic black dots or spots - this is what this fungus looks like. At the first signs of the appearance of mold (these spots, an unpleasant smell of mustiness or dampness, similar to the smell of mud), it is necessary to start removing it. Simply cleaning the surface of these stains and masking the odor is not enough - the fungus will continue to multiply and only bring more problems.


In some cases, especially when the fungus is not too deeply and extensively in the room, you can get rid of it on your own with the help of a thorough cleaning . However, each surface and room has its own characteristics of getting rid of mold:

In the bathroom, the fungus is likely to be found in the joints between the tiles. Make sure that the cause of its appearance has been eliminated before removing this black coating from it. Mold most often enters the bathroom through ventilation - this indicates a violation of the insulation of the ventilation duct. First of all, you will need to repair it, and only then deal with cleaning the consequences of its malfunction.

In corners, on walls, ceilings or slopes, fungal plaque can be removed with a solution of hydrogen peroxide, then thoroughly rinsed off. However, this advice cannot be applied in cases where the fungal infection has too large an area, or if it occupies the surface for several years. In such cases, you will have to carry out a full-fledged repair: remove the coating with a fungus, re-prime the wall or ceiling, and in the case of a slope or a wall, also re-paint or glue wallpaper.

With upholstered furniture affected by high humidity, things are a little more complicated. The best option is to completely replace the cladding, especially if the fungus stain is far from fresh. Sometimes a special dry cleaning helps with cleansing.

Cupboards, sideboards, chests of drawers and other wooden furniture affected by fungus are usually emptied and treated with a vinegar solution. At the same time, doors and drawers should remain open until the composition has cooled down.

We add that all these methods have an average efficiency, and the means used can sometimes be hazardous to health, especially if you do not follow the basic safety rules when working with them. For this reason, it is better to entrust cleaning specialists https://www.livecleantoday.com/services/cleaning-maid-service to deal with the consequences of staying in an apartment of mold - they have all the necessary detergents for this , clear instructions for work, as well as experience. Moreover, they train maids and they know how to clean professionally. Mold is not a problem for them because they have effective mold control products. Moreover, these products are not harmful to health.


If you have already managed to remove mold, or if you want to take all the necessary measures to prevent its appearance, there are several ways.

First of all, you need to provide sufficient ventilation in the apartment. This is especially true in the colder period, when the windows are mostly tightly closed, and there is no possibility for constant air circulation. In this case, it is necessary to ensure the stable operation of the ventilation system - check if the ventilation hole, duct, as well as the common shaft are clogged. If there are problems with ventilation, they must be eliminated as soon as possible in order to provide the dwelling with normal air movement, especially in rooms with high humidity.

Installing a heated towel rail in the bathroom will also be a good way to prevent the appearance of mold - this device dries the air well, reducing the likelihood of fungus growing on surfaces.

The bathroom itself should not be steamed if possible, and also make sure that it has a sufficiently powerful hood - this rule also applies to the kitchen. In addition, a good kitchen hood protects the ventilation system from contamination and clogging with cobwebs and dust, which is an additional preventive measure.

Regular wet cleaning is also considered to prevent the appearance of fungus - safe detergents cope well with dirt and remove excess dust, further freshening the air in rooms. In front of her, it is also important to regularly clean up garbage and not forget to clean up at least sometimes in hard-to-reach places - behind kitchen furniture, in corners, under cabinets.

Another tip for the period with predominantly cold weather: all rooms should be heated evenly over their area. In old houses, where cast iron batteries are still installed, mold appears more often also because the batteries have accumulated plaque from the inside and have lost some of their heat capacity - because of this, the far corners of the room do not receive enough heat and quickly grow moldy.

Remember that it is impossible to get rid of mold in one day (and sometimes even in one week) - it can take a lot of time to clean up, especially if the lesion is extensive. Carrying out regular cleaning, airing the room and making sure that it heats up enough in the cold season, you do not have to worry that mold may suddenly appear in one of the corners of the apartment.

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