Kontakt player is a multitrack audio sequencing program that uses external data to create music. It runs on Windows operating system. The multitrack sequencer features an interface that can both be used for recording and sequencing music. The sequencer works as a standalone program. It can also be used in conjunction with an electronic musical workstation (DAW), sampler, etc., using a VST/AAX/VST plug-in. Kontakt also supports the VST, AU & RTI protocols, allowing it to run seamlessly with almost any DAW, such as Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools and Cubase LE. Kontakt can also function as an instrument within a DAW.A VST host is required in order to use Kontakt Player with the softwares Cubase, Nuendo. There are two types VST hosts: the VSTi (traditional) and the VST3 (open source). https://bandishare.com/office-2010/ means that both softwares produce high quality softwares, but they differ in their functionality. The open source VST3 version of Kontakt Player is free, however the traditional VST version is available at a cost. Most softwares come with some basic VSTi elements such as the virtual keyboard and the track outline editor.To function, the VSTi compliant host is required for the traditional VST Version. There are two versions of the VST: the pro and the normal. The regular one contains all the standard VST instruments, such as the drum machines, samplers, filters and enhancers. These instruments can be loaded from the VSTi libraries that come with the softwares.The softwares are available in a pro version that offers more features. It contains additional virtual instruments, additional modules, Audio Effects and Virtual Cues, Audio Widows, MIDI Recorders and VST instruments. The full version lets you save your work as a.WAV file so that you can use them in other applications such as your sequencer, or a guitar program. The kontakt can be used to create sequences and also as a digital audio playback device. The most popular version comes with over 250 instruments. Most people don’t need all of these instruments, so it’s a good idea. It saves money by not buying an instrument that you might never use.You can also use kontakt player to access Native Access software. It can load up to four VSTi libraries and allow you to play up as many instruments as native Access. The most common version number of this application is Kontakt Player Plus version number four. If you aren’t sure which version to download, I recommend downloading Kontakt Player Plus.The kontakt player website offers both the full version as well as the demo mode versions. You can download both the full version and the demo mode versions to determine which one is best for you. The demo mode version requires the least user intervention. Once you're comfortable with it, you will be able to load the full version.

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