What was happening? Had I really fucked everyone in town? I started getting desperate. My dick was now in full control of the wheel. I even texted my Jack chatty fuck buddy but he was busy. Damm! Friends? Escorts? Could I maybe become West Virginian/Tasmanian and find a willing second cousin? During ovulation there are benefits to being coupled in the city.

After 72 hours, the bush fires were under control. Ovulating has ceased..until another month or so. I figured instead of fucking, I would write and think about it. Why are we all addicted to sex?. Men will do anything to get laid. Even Jesus wanted to get his rocks off. The priests in school told us Jesus had the same urges that any natural man would….yes..Jesus masturbated!

So if Jesus couldn’t keep his sperm in his undies, is there any hope for the rest of us? We like to watch it, cyber it and even pay for it? Gay, straight, animal, trans..any way you say it sex is everywhere and everyone is having it. There are billion of porn films out there and people spend billions on the sex industry. There is even sex tourism (hello Thailand!).

We are willing to hurt anyone, cheat on our partners, loose our jobs and even go to jail to get some. Some people’s need to get sexual satisfaction can make you sick to your stomach. Like reports from USA of an 11 year old HIV positive girl who was ganged raped. Or another case in which a guy dug up corpses to have sex with them.

If emotions are chemicals, then the need for sexual satisfaction could just be a chemical addiction. And it seems that your need for sex does not decrease with age. American researchers point out that older people are having and needing sex. So plenty of more years of ovulation!

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