I did not say “I do” to obeying when I married the man who will be my ex-husband in a couple of weeks.

In fact, the “minister” who performed our ceremony had a very optimistic set of vows for us.

“For richer; for better; in health, and in joy.”

I kid you not.

But the whole obey thing was something I remember having issue with even when I was a kid.

You’re not the boss of me! Segway to the Single Life´s last [type] ..Sign the papers!

BloggyDaddy says:

April 5, 2011 at 9:52 am @Kat – Yes, you ladies are all about the “pretty”, but there is definitely something to be said for helping remove the smooshed cake in imaginitive ways.

I felt robbed and I should have done it anyway! BloggyDaddy?´s last [type] ..Venting

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